Deadmau5 Burns The Chainsmokers, Accuses Them Of Paying ‘A Ghost Producer’

Two of EDM’s biggest acts do not see eye-to-eye.

Deadmau5 is accusing The Chainsmokers of relying on a ghost producer on their debut album. Trouble started after Deadmau5 addressed a tweet from The New York Times, in which the publication discussed how to “solve a problem like The Chainsmokers”.

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The Canadian record producer and DJ replied with vitriol, tweeting “Easy. You suck a s**tload of Grammy d**k and pay a ghost producer. Next question.”

The Grammy-winning Chainsmokers addressed the criticsm with a level of composure. “Learning so much everyday! Really feeling lucky to be in the position we are,” the duo tweeted an hour after Deadmau5’s claims. “We catch lots of heat but we are doing what we love and have the best fans.”

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The Chainsmokers thanked their fans for their constant support, “And that’s all that matters. Not everyone is gonna get it or like it but a lot of you guys do and that’s what pushes us,” they added. “So long story short. We aren’t going anywhere. “So long story short. We aren’t going anywhere, love y’all good night! See ya tomorrow Charleston for a big night!”

This isn’t the first time The Chainsmokers have crossed paths with another artist. One half of the EDM duo, Alex Pall, said Lady Gaga’s “Perfect Illusion” “well, sucks” in an interview with Rolling Stone. Gaga eventually responded to the tweet with all the charm you’d expect from the singer.

Social media was split on the hatred for the “Paris” artists.

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