Melissa McCarthy Returns For A Sean Spicer Easter Apology, Plus More ‘SNL’ Highlights With Jimmy Fallon And Harry Styles

“SNL” alum Jimmy Fallon returned to Studio 8H as this week’s host, and the “Tonight Show” host broke open his impressive box of impressions to deliver some old favourites, several new ones and even a tour-de-force performance that saw him play the same celebrity, 40 years apart, in the same sketch.

The show started off, as always, with a cold open, in which Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump reveals to advisers Steve Bannon (once again, portrayed as the Grim Reaper) and son-in-law Jared Kushner (Fallon) that it’s “elimination night”, with one of them remaining in White House and the other sent home, “Celebrity Apprentice”-style.

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Anyone who’s ever done or said something they wish they could instantlytake back, or at least vanish immediately, will relate to this revolutionary new garment: the turtle shirt, which, like a turtle’s shell, allows the head to be retracted safely within the safety of the shirt until it’s safe to emerge.

Kenan Thompson reprised his Steve Harvey impression for another edition of “Family Feud”, which this time featured a time-travel premise: stars of today face off against stars of the 1970s. The modern-day team consisted of a painfully inarticulate Kristen Stewart (Kate McKinnon), along with Gwen Stefani (Melissa Villasenor), David Blaine (Pete Davidson) and John Travolta (Fallon), while the 1970s team included Diana Ross (Sasheer Zamata), Liza Minnelli (Cecily Strong), Mick Jagger (hilariously played by musical guest Harry Styles to gyrating, over-the-top perfection) and… John Travolta, also played by Fallon, but as his “Welcome Back, Kotter” character, Vinnie Barbarino.

Thanks to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s disastrous week, viewers were treated to a return visit from Melissa McCarthy, with “Spicy” offering a special Easter apology for his apparent ignorance of the Holocaust, while also serving up a few more gems that will no doubt require subsequent apologies (and reminding us that Spicer — for real — played the Easter Bunny at the 2008 White House Easter Egg Roll).

When we first met Sully and Denise, they were obnoxious Boston teenagers. Now, the pair (played by Fallon and, in a special return, former cast member Rachel Dratch) are the parents of an inexplicably brilliant teenager who’s off to Harvard.

Along with plenty of jokes mocking Trump and Spicer, Weekend Update also featured return visits with unfunny standup comic Bruce Chandling (Kyle Mooney) and Bar Mitzvah boy Jacob (Vanessa Bayer), who revealed his love of Papa John’s pizza.

Harry Styles also featured in this sketch, set during the Civil War, in which a group of Union soldiers sing a patriotic song that somehow transforms into a feel-good rave about having a “party at my parents’ house!”

Filming on a high-school coming-of-age film goes off the rails when a critical scene set on a basketball court keeps getting ruined by a pair of exceptionally inept basketball-playing extras.

“Saturday Night Live” returns on Apr. 22 with host Chris Pine and musical guest LCD Soundsystem, airing Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. PT, 11:30 p.m. ET on Global; you can also watch full episodes and individual sketches online.

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