Lena Dunham Dishes On ‘Girls’ Series Finale: ‘We Got To Do It Authentically’

HBO’s “Girls” wrapped up its sixth and final season on Sunday night.

With the series finale, titled “Latching”, fans said goodbye to Hannah Horvath, played by Lena Dunham. In the finale, Hannah has finally grown up and is dealing with raising her son, Grover, with Marnie and her mother, Loreen.

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In an interview with Deadline, Dunham and the show’s executive producer, Jenni Konner, discuss how the show ended. “I feel a very big sense of relief,” Konner says at the top of the interview. Fans and critics have been responding positively to season six and for the creative pair, that means they did something right.

The final episode wasn’t a traditional ending, with Dunham wanting to do something unexpected. “We did a bit of a more traditional ending in nine, and then approached episode 10 in a different way,” Dunham said. Hannah also said goodbye to some of her friends this season, like Shoshanna and Jessa. The show answered the question of their complicated friendship and how it had changed since the series began.

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“Ultimately the show didn’t end up being a feel good ‘yep, it’s the friend you’re stuck with, the friends you’ll have for life.’ It ended up being something a little different than that,” Dunham said. In addition to Hannah ending things with some of her friends, it was also time for her to say goodbye to Adam. For Konner and Dunham, Adam was never going to be Hannah’s ultimate love interest.

“Honestly, we never thought they would. He was never our Mr. Big, you know?” Konner admitted. “He was Hannah’s first real relationship and they had a lot of chemistry and a lot of fun, but we never thought they were in it for the long haul,” she continued.

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Overall, the pair have few regrets looking back at the series. While there are some things they would change if they could, they made the show they wanted to make.

“We had a few moments where we just felt like we hadn’t quite nailed things, especially the first seasons there were some moments where we felt like we hadn’t quite nailed things totally,” Dunham said. At the beginning, they were still figuring out the show and the stories they wanted to tell. “We had a few moments like that where we thought we could have told a story and more accurately expressed it through the style of our show. But we’re not massive regret people, are we, Jenni?” she continued. “I think truly we just learn from everything, and anything that, like, I really regretted taught me the lesson not to do it again,” Konner said.

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