Ali Fedotowsky Says Nick Viall’s Season Of ‘The Bachelor’ Was Overly Sexual: ‘I Think It’s Unfortunate’

“The Bachelorette” star Ali Fedotowsky was not a fan of the latest season of “The Bachelor”.

In an interview with Fox News, Fedotowsky said she thinks most of the women competing for Nick Viall’s love were using their sexuality to get his attention.

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During Viall’s season, contestant Corinne Olympios displayed her bare breasts during a photo shoot. She also attempted to seduce him by going to his room in one episode. In another episode, the show’s runner-up, Raven Gates, had a conversation with Viall about never orgasming before.

When Viall was a contestant on “The Bachelorette” he confronted Andi Dorfman on why she slept with him but didn’t pick him and in his other season on the show, Kaitlyn Bristowe confessed to sleeping with him as well. According to Fedotowsky, because of his sexual past with the show, it became a theme on his season of “The Bachelor”.

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“I think it’s unfortunate because I felt some of the girls thought they had to show their bodies and be overly sexual in order to win the affections of a man,” Fedotowsky said. “And I just think that it’s a really sad thing. I was never angry at any of the girls for doing it. If anything, I wished they knew they were better than that,” she continued.

“I think it’s because Nick was the one known for sleeping with some of the girls,” she said, explaining why Viall’s season was more sexual than seasons past. “We know so much about Nick’s sex life, which I think is so weird. But I do think some of the girls felt they needed to play up the sex thing,” she said.




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