As Kendrick Lamar’s new album “Damn.” continues to gain traction on the charts, the critically acclaimed rapper has just dropped a new video for the track “DNA”, featuring a special guest star: Oscar-winner Don Cheadle.

In the video, Cheadle plays a cop interrogating a suspect, played by Lamar, until things take a weird “Freaky Friday”-style twist when Cheadle is apparently electrocuted by the polygraph machine.

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As a result, he finds himself under Lamar’s spell, rapping and dancing and, at one point, even violently throwing a chair before unlocking Lamar’s handcuffs.

While the combination of Cheadle and Lamar may seem an odd fit, Cheadle is actually a huge fan of the “To Pimp a Butterfly” rapper. In fact, Cheadle even joked that he “almost Kanyed tonight” when Lamar lost out on Album of the Year to Taylor Swift at the 2016 Grammys (although he was quick to add he had no ill will toward Swift, point out: “I think Kendrick’s album is stronger and more deserving. That’s all. My opinion”).

You can check the video out above, but be forewarned; there’s some objectionable language in the track that some people may find offensive.