Bryan Cranston Withdraws From The World In New Trailer For Dark Comedy ‘Wakefield’

Bryan Cranston has delivered his share of dazzling, critically acclaimed performances in recent years, from Walter White in “Breaking Bad” to LBJ in “All the Way”, and moviegoers will soon discover yet another aspect of his talents in the upcoming dark comedy “Wakefield”.

In the just-released “Wakefield” trailer (above), Cranston stars as a successful attorney who finds himself bored with his predictable suburban life. “So much is the same, week after week,” says Cranston’s character. “Who hasn’t had the impulse to put their life on hold for a moment?”

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And that’s precisely what he does, abandoning his wife (Jennifer Garner) and family and taking up residence in the attic of his own garage, allowing him a vantage point from which he can spy on their activities while slowly withdrawing from society.

As he pulls himself further and further away from his old life — to his family, he’s presumed missing and eventually dead — can he ever return?

“Wakfield” hits theatres on May 19; until then, here’s Cranston chatting with Stephen Colbert about another recent role during a visit to “The Late Show”:





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