Josh Brolin Prepares For ‘Deadpool 2’ With A Little ‘Meditation’

Josh Brolin is getting into character for “Deadpool 2” and it looks intense!

The actor shared a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to transform into Cable, Marvel’s time-travelling, telekenetic mercenary and it seems… peaceful?

“You know, just meditating,” Brolin captioned the first shot of himself covered in blue molding goo, adding a couple of Ryan Reynolds worthy hashtags that would make even Deadpool LOL, “breathingisforp**sies and “ryanreynoldsismyb**ch”.

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You know, just meditating. #deadpool2 #clostraphobiarocks #ryanreyondsismybitch #umguys

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Makeup director Bill Corso was obviously on hand for the process, and Brolin captured the artist in another post, adding “oh, you thought that other one was gnarly.”

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For those unfamiliar with Cable, also known as Nathan Summers, “Deadpool” comic creator Robert Liefeld has shared some amazing fan artwork on his Instagram page. The need for Brolin’s facial mold is due to Cable’s prominant scar over his right eye and his bionic appendages.

Brolin better get used to “meditating” for the role since the actor signed a four-picture deal to appear in 20th Century Fox movies, which includes the “Deadpool” sequel and possible “X-Men” follow-up films.

The film, directed by David Leitch, is scheduled for theatres on March 2, 2018. Before Brolin was cast, we took a look at who could possibly make the cut as Deadpool’s sidekick. Watch below.



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