Hayley Williams Opens Up About Paramore Almost Breaking Up: ‘I Had Enough’

Paramore is currently promoting their upcoming album, “After Laughter”, and the band is opening up about how close they once came to calling it quits.

The band have returned to the spotlight for the first time in four years with their brand new single, “Hard Times”. In a new interview with Beats 1 Radio, the band admitted they had lost their passion.

“At a certain point, I just felt like we’d been through, like how much more can you really go through?” Hayley Williams revealed. The band’s guitarist, Taylor York, echoed her statements. “We’d been doing it for so long I think we were like, ‘why are we doing this?’ If we don’t want to be here, if we’re not passionate about this, there is no point,” he said.

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Williams admits that she “flat-lined” and credits York for saving the band. “That is just kind of the truth,” she said. “I had enough. I’m tired of losing friends or I’m tired of doubting myself, and maybe if I’m just not doing it all then I won’t have anything to doubt. I can see what else I can do.”

The singer said that now there is peace between the band’s current members and old members. “Now, you know, we run into each other around town and it’s so nice to find that,” Williams admitted.

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“We were at the coffee shop talking about whether we were going to stay in this band or not when we saw Josh. It was crazy,” she said of the moment. “I think you rarely get to experience real full circle redemption in your lifetime but on your own, in your own kind of solitude, but I think to be able to share that moment with Taylor… to kind of have closure was so great. It was really beautiful.” Williams explained.

Watch the band’s video for “Hard Times” below:

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