Rachael Leigh Cook Targets The War On Drugs In New PSA

Rachael Leigh Cook spoofs her original “This Is Your Brain On Drugs” ad and takes aim at the war on drugs and its effect on American citizens.

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In the video, the actress shows us the effects of the war on drugs with a frying pan and an egg. In her original ad (below), she used a frying pan to smash an egg and ruin a kitchen in an attempt to describe a person’s brain on heroin and its lasting impact on their lives.

In the new ad, Cook holds a white egg that symbolizes the millions of people who don’t get arrested for drug use. The actress then holds up a brown egg, which represents those more likely to be arrested for a drug crime.

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The ad then shows the brown egg getting arrested, a likely prison sentence and the difficult attempt at getting a job. “The war on drugs is ruining peoples’ lives,” Cook says in the ad. “It fuels mass incarceration, it targets people of colour in greater numbers than their white counterparts. It cripples communities, it costs billions, and it doesn’t work. Any questions?”

Watch the spot above.


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