This week’s back-to-back episodes brought us the long-awaited merging of the tribes, and — as always — the merge was packed with drama as castaways used the opportunity to make some big moves.

When the tribes merged into a new one — called Maku Maku — old friends (and former rivals) reunited, with new alliances forming (Cirie and Michaela) and existing alliances shattering (Zeke and Andrea).

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The first individual immunity challenge wound up with Andrea emerging victorious, and then off to Tribal Council. While the drama this week paled in comparison to last week’s fireworks, the votes showed a tribe divided, with Zeke getting two votes, Michaela getting four and Hali getting five, which led to her torch being snuffed.

In the second episode, the next immunity challenge became an epic face-off between Ozzy and Tai as each tried to outlast the other while hanging onto a telephone pole. After a gruelling 95-minute competition, Ozzy finally fell and handed Tai the victory.

At Tribal Council, Ozzy’s luck went from bad to worse when he found himself voted out, the end of the line for this “Survivor” legend.

In this week’s ET Canada Post Tribal podcast, Erin Cebula and Parvati Shallow chat with Hali and Ozzy about their respective departures.

First up is Ozzy, who reacts to Parv’s admission that she’s “sad” to see him go. So what happened?

“Aw, you know, it was an opportune moment to get rid of me,” he explains. “The people I thought I could trust, I could not trust.”

Later in the podcast, Hali opens up about her strategy of trying to “underplay” her abilities, which she had hoped would have carried her through to the final four.

“I think I would have been great in final Tribal, and I would have loved to go there,” admits Hali of her post-merge exit. “That was my strategy the whole time. I wanted to underplay myself. And while Zeke said that’s everyone’s strategy, he was trying to tell people why you’re going to lose. With me, I was pretty much the only one with the narrative to back it up. Like, I didn’t do much on my first season of ‘Survivor’ and I’m not underplaying that… that was my story and I was sticking with it, and I just couldn’t believe that people didn’t see that, or believe it. Maybe they didn’t believe it.”

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Both Hali and Ozzy have a lot more to say in this special super-sized edition of Post Tribal:

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