‘Giraffe Mom’ And Baby Meet April The Giraffe And It’s Too Cute

South Carolina photographer Erin Dietrich shot to social media fame when she went viral by posting her own livestream — titled “Giraffe Mom” — in which the expectant mother donned a giraffe mask to spoof the media obsession over the impending birth of April the Giraffe.

In the video (below), Dietrich was days away from giving birth as she posted footage on Facebook of herself walking around her enclosure — um, that is, bedroom — in an imitation of the livestream of April’s impending birth.

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In the time that’s passed, April gave birth to a healthy giraffe calf (with the livestream of the birth viewed online by a million people), while Dietrich also became a mom, and she shared a hilarious Facebook pic of herself in the delivery room with her newborn son — while she wore the giraffe mask, of course.

Given the media attention that both Dietrich and April received, it was only a matter of time before her son and April’s calf finally met face to face, with “Inside Edition” making it happen.

“It’s just been surreal,” she told “Inside Edition”. “I still don’t know, I’m like, ‘How did this all happen?’ Because I was like 100 weeks pregnant, dancing around in a $16 Amazon giraffe mask. But we’re so thankful that we have this story to tell Porter and all the people we’ve met and things we’ve gotten to do because of this overnight viral video.” Watch:



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