Jennifer Lawrence Shares Heartbreaking Video About A Child’s Death Due To Government Corruption

Jennifer Lawrence is speaking her mind about what she sees as bald-faced corruption within the U.S. government, and how it’s affecting the lives of individuals on a deeply personal level.

In order to get her point across, the “Passengers” star took to her Facebook page in order to share a video that tells the heartbreaking story of a mother who is told by doctors that her 10-month-old child required open-heart surgery, but that this particular surgery would be “a walk in the park.”

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Sadly, that was not the case, and the infant died from complications from surgery. It wasn’t until later, however, that the child’s mother discovered the hospital received financial incentives for performing specific surgeries – including open-heart surgery on children – and will push for such surgeries even when it may not be in the best interest of patients.

“I just watched this video from Represent.Us,” Lawrence wrote. “It’s incredible and horrifying. And it got me thinking: corruption affects all of us, but so many people don’t recognize it. We need to tell each other our stories. We need to show that everyone – our neighbours, our families, our community leaders – everyone we know is touched by corruption. I want to hear your story. How does corruption affect you? #WeDemandBetter Represent.Us/WDB.”



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