Shawn Hook And Vanessa Hudgens Debut Sexy New Single ‘Reminding Me’

Vanessa Hudgens has returned to pop music after a nine-year absence and we all have Canadian pop star Shawn Hook to thank. Hook and Hudgens have partnered on the brooding pop duet “Reminding Me”, released on Friday along with a sexy new video.

The hot track is actress-singer Hudgens’ first official music single since 2008’s “Sneakernight”. But Hook tells 24 Hrs it almost wasn’t a duet.

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“When I wrote ‘Reminding Me’, I didn’t initially feel it as a duet and a duet-driven song wasn’t the intention in the studio,” he says, explaining things changed when his record label asked if he’d consider teaming up with a female singer for the track. “When I listened to it with that in mind, it definitely changed the song for me, in a good way. As a writer I want to tell the best story. As an artist I want to deliver the best performance to tell the story and in this case adding another perspective really enhanced the overall performance.”

The new track tells the story of the end of a relationship and for Hook, turning it into a duet helped tell the song’s story.

“It’s one of those songs that works from two perspectives. It’s about moving on from a relationship before you get over it. Every relationship has two sides to the story and ‘Reminding Me’ tells both,” he says.

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The video features plenty of eye candy as Hook and Hudgens sing about the end of a relationship in the arty black-and-white video, which shows plenty of skin as Hudgens rolls around in lingerie and dives into a swimming pool.

Earlier this week, Hudgens took to Twitter to tease the upcoming track, posting a photo from their video shoot.



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