Will And Kate Make Surprise Appearance On BBC Radio 1, Become DJs For A Day

Listeners of BBC Radio 1’s found themselves in for an unexpected treat on Friday when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge dropped by to pay a surprise visit, and wound up becoming impromptu DJs for the day.

Prince William and Duchess Kate dropped by as a special tribute to Radio 1 DJ Adele Roberts, who’ll be running the London Marathon on the weekend to raise money for the Heads Together mental health initiative.

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During the appearance, the royal couple took questions, discussed their favourite music and TV series, and even counted down the hits by sitting in as guest DJs.

“It’s Friday! 21st of April, and this is a very special official chart,” announced the prince in his best cheesy radio voice, sending his wife into a hysterical giggle fit as she sat next to him listening through headphones.

Then Kate took over, demonstrating she’s no slouch as a radio announcer herself. “We’ll bring you all the big stories, new entries, high climbers and of course, the top 10 in full,” she declared. “Last week, Harry Styles went straight to #1 with his debut single, ‘Sign of the Times’. Can he do it again?”

And then William chimed in, with the pair making a surprisingly impressive on-air team. “Or will Ed Sheeran reclaim that top spot? He had 13 weeks at No. 1 with ‘Shape of You’ before Harry came along and spoiled his Easter…” said William, adding an off-the-cuff quip relating to his younger brother: “Sounds familiar.”

At one point, the discussion turned to television, with the couple identifying a few favourites. “We’ve watched ‘Homeland’, big fans of ‘Homeland’. ‘Game of Thrones’ we’ve watched as well,” said William. “Seems like everyone has watched ‘Game of Thrones’.”

The couple also revealed themselves as big music lovers, and admitted they’ve been discussing the idea of attending an iconic music festival. “We’ve talked about going to Glastonbury before because I do love my music,” admitted the prince, “and so does Catherine as well.”

When asked if he ever gets the urge to bust a move while attending a concert, William broached the brouhaha that erupted recently when he and some pals went nightclubbing in Switzerland. “I’ve gotten into enough trouble with my dancing recently, so it’s kind of best to keep away from that,” he joked.

William’s most surprising revelation, however, was his admission that he’s sometimes texted Radio 1 under an assumed name to request songs, and even received an on-air shout-out from one of the DJs — twice!

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