Chris Pratt Addresses Backlash To His ‘Blue Collar’ Remarks, Admits It ‘Was A Pretty Stupid Thing To Say’

Chris Pratt stepped in it, big time, with some comments that created an immediate backlash, but the “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” star also knows when it’s time to step up and admit he was wrong.

The controversy came about from an interview Pratt gave to Men’s Fitness, remarking on what he sees as a disconnect between the movies Hollywood is producing and the people who watch them.

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“I don’t see personal stories that necessarily resonate with me, because they’re not my stories,” Pratt told the mag, as reported by People. “I think there’s room for me to tell mine, and probably an audience that would be hungry for them. The voice of the average, blue-collar American isn’t necessarily represented in Hollywood.”

Pratt’s comments were immediately trashed on Twitter, with numerous commenters pointing out that there are actually lots of movies and TV shows about blue-collar characters — including the character he played for numerous years on NBC sitcom “Parks and Recreation”.

To Pratt’s credit, he was quick to address the backlash and admit he was wrong, taking to Twitter to agree that “that was actually a pretty stupid thing to say. I’ll own that. There’s a ton of movies about blue collar America.”

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