Fifth-Grader Compares ‘The Rock’ To A Rock, Dwayne Johnson Reacts

One elementary student’s science project gets an A-plus as far as Dwayne Johnson is considered.

A user on Reddit shared a photo perfectly capturing one fifth-grader’s geology genius. “One of the fifth-graders I work with made this in his science class. It wasn’t even for a grade,” read the caption.

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The chart compared and contrasted “The Rock” with an actual rock. The student wisely explains how “The Fate of the Furious” actor is “biotic” and “living,” while a rock is “abiotic” and “non living.”

Johnson, 44, always has his eyes peeled for hilarious online content and was quick to respond to the kid’s chart. “My abiotic brother,” Johnson tweeted. “Great job to the very cool 5th grader who did this.”

He later added, “Very cool and creative 5th grader who will become a future science leader. Unlike myself in 5th grade who got suspended for using [the middle finger] in class.”

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The 10-time World Heavyweight champion next appears opposite Zac Efron and Priyanka Chopra in “Baywatch”, surfing into theatres on May 25.

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