13-Year-Old Girl Performs ‘Shape Of You’ For Ed Sheeran After She Sang At Her Mom’s Funeral

A 13-year-old girl was invited to perform for her idol after singing an Ed Sheeran song at her mother’s funeral.

Paige Bates performed Sheeran’s “Photograph” as a tribute to the end of her late-mom’s battle with breast cancer in 2017. According to Dailymail, a close friend of the family contacted Sheeran’s rep, 26, to organize a meeting between Paige and the famous singer.

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The young girl met her idol last week and even performed Sheeran’s hit song “Shape of You” for him backstage. “I was a little bit nervous, but two days before I did karaoke in a bar so I wouldn’t get nervous when I sang in front of Ed Sheeran,” Paige said. “I knew I was going to ask if I’d be allowed to sing with him or to him so I had to practice as much as I could.”

Sheeran met the whole family, signed the teen’s ukulele with the words “Thanks for teaching me the uke!” and even jammed with Paige.

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“He’s not self-centred whatsoever like you’d expect a celebrity to be, he’s so nice and polite,” Paige recalled of her meeting. It is believed Paige’s mom, Cathy, was also a huge Sheeran fan and played his albums for her children.

Sheeran apparently told Paige that she “sings better than” he did at her age and encouraged her to pursue her passion!



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