The Chainsmokers Spell Pittsburgh Wrong At Concert

The Chainsmokers played Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Sunday night but they didn’t win over their fans after a serious case of misspelling.

At the end of their concert, the band had a visual that read “Pittsburg” in the background instead of Pittsburgh, the proper spelling of the city. As a result, many of the Pittsburgh fans were not happy:

The band responded to the missing “H” in the sign by blaming it on their visual guy in a now-deleted tweet.

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They did follow up shortly after with another tweet making fun of themselves and saying they have a chance to make up for it at their next stop on their Memories: Do Not Open Tour.

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A critic from Tribe Live was at the concert and included a detailed report of the unfortunate incident:

The full band version of the song was met with much applause, before being dampened with a misspelled “Thank You Pittsburg” sign that came down at show’s end. It was obviously unfortunate, but even more so because Taggart made it a point to talk about how great the city had been to The Chainsmokers and not every city was as enthusiastic as Pittsburgh.

Better luck next time, guys.

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