Twitter Outrage Over Evidence That ‘Suicide Squad’ Used CGI To Make Cara Delevingne Look Thinner

Why would the makers of “Suicide Squad” use digital CGI trickery to make rail-thin Cara Delevingne appear even thinner than she actually is?

That’s what fans are asking after some incriminating before-and-after photos seem to indicate filmmakers did just that, trimming down her already slim waist in addition to some other aesthetic enhancements, reports the Daily Mail.

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Viewing photos taken of the actress while she shot her scenes in comparison to the CGI-enhanced images that appeared on screen, it appears that Delevingne does indeed appear to have been slimmed down, as evidenced in this gif:

This CGI slimming did not go over in the Twitterverse, with gobsmacked fans pointing out the ridiculousness of the edits.

“To top off the horror show that is ‘Suicide Squad’ apparently they digitally slimmed Cara Delevingne down? What the everloving f**k? Why???” wrote one Twitter user, reports the Mail, while another asked: “Did they seriously CGI slim down Cara Delevingne in Suicide Squad? More proof this movie’s the worst thing ever.”

Added another commenter: “Why did they have to make @CaraDelevingne more slimmer [sic] on the effects when she has a perfect body already?! WHY?”

Delevingne herself may have weighed in on the issue with this cryptic tweet in which she quotes Kendrick Lamar to declare she’s “so f**kin’ sic and tired of the photoshop.”



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