Norwegian musician/producer/DJ Kygo has just released the video for his new track, “It Ain’t Me”, which features vocals by Selena Gomez.

While Gomez doesn’t appear in the video, an actress who bears a striking resemblance to the “Kill ‘Em With Kindness” singer does, first appearing at the start of the video as she and her boyfriend prepare for a ride on a motorcycle.

Things take a horrific turn, however, when her beau is seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, with the video chronicling her ongoing vigil at his bedside as he’s hooked up to a bunch of beeping hospital machines, juxtaposed with her inner fantasies that he’s fully recovered.

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The video — directed by Phillip R. Lopez — ends on a hopeful note, with a surprise twist ending featuring a butterfly.

In an interview with, “It Ain’t Me” songwriter Ali Tamposi explained the process of working with Kygo and Gomez.

“This one, it just felt like it all connected,” says the songwriter. “I don’t really deal with the business side of things and that’s the beauty of working with my team – they allow me to step away from the business. When Kygo heard this song, he was instantly mapping out where he was going to take it. He followed the melodies and emotions of the song and brought it to life. It all aligned. Usually, we’ll wait around for a few months, try pitching a song to different artists and hopefully something sticks. When Selena heard it, she loved it – she heard it about a month after we wrote it.”