Freddie Highmore Says Goodbye To Norman In ‘Bates Motel’ Finale

After five seasons of murder and mayhem, “Bates Motel” closed its doors Monday night and if you haven’t seen the finale yet, there are major spoilers to come.

The show creators called the finale “bittersweet,” while critics called it everything from “brilliant” to “messy.” But the one thing that remains constant about the end of the series is that Freddie Highmore is sad to say goodbye to Norman Bates… and his mother Norma.

“I think I’m still in denial really that it’s all over,” Highmore tells ET Canada. “I think what Vera [Farmiga] did so brilliantly this year, was reinvent the character that she’s playing on the show. Obviously Norma died at the end of season four, and so season five just became Vera taking on the character of mother that purely exists in Norman’s head and bringing this dead person to life -she’s brilliant.”

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Now, the final season also put a twist on the iconic “Psycho” character Marion Crane, as celebrity fan of the show, Rihanna stopped by Bates Motel for a couple nights, where she almost got to recreate that famous shower scene as a guest star.

Highmore told us all about working with Riri: “We had a great time, she was in two episodes.”

“We had her for a full week and in that week she did a huge amount of work. The amount of stuff she accomplished was amazing,” he says, adding, “having come to ‘Bates Motel’ as a fan, she really wanted to be a part of it and collaborate and was excited to be there.”

Watch more about Rihanna’s stay at “Bates Motel” below.



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