With three successful property shows, Property Brothers, Buying And Selling With The Property Brothers and Brother Vs. Brother, Drew and Jonathan Scott know their way around a renovation, but what happens when the property they’re renovating is their own?

Fans of the two-time People’s Sexiest Men Alive will find out when the Scott brothers new show Property Brothers At Home airs in February , documenting the dynamic duo as they navigate the highs and lows of renovating their own home.

Being the curious fans that we are, we wanted to know what the brothers’ new property looks like, so we headed down to the Scott family headquarters in Las Vegas to find out.

“We’ve done a full renovation to the house,”; Drew tells us showing off the floor-to-ceiling feature wall complete with shelves for all the brothers’ collectables.

A floor-to-ceiling feature wall isn’t the only extravagant add-on the hands-on brothers created for their home.  The Vegas property boasts a full wall of collapsible windows with a stunning view of their backyard and pool, a game loft complete with arcade games and a pool table, a commercial grade water slide, outdoor poker table, basketball court, putting green, guest house for mom and dad, of course, and a 15-foot retractable movie screen.

“The whole yard has surround sound and wireless headphones too,”; Jonathan dishes.  “So if it’s late at night and we don’t want to disturb the neighbours we’re covered.”;

Take the house tour to end all house tours with Drew and Jonathan Scott below.