Amanda Crew received an unexpected surprise when she checked a text she received from a number she didn’t recognize, discovering it was a photo of somebody’s penis!

Sharing what happened on Twitter, the Langley, B.C.-born star of HBO comedy “Silicon Valley” displayed a screenshot of her conversation with the penis-pic perpetrator after writing, “This morning, a stranger accidentally texted me a pic of his [eggplant emoji]. But we’re cool now.”

“Hey sexy girl. Can’t wait to see you again ;),” reads the first text, which was followed by the photo of the texter’s junk.

When Crew doesn’t issue a response, he sends a second text. “No response? Guess you’re not as excited about seeing me again :(”

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Crew replies: “Wrong number buddy.”

“This isn’t Sarah?!” he responds, to which Crew writes: “No sir.

“OMG,” he writes, “I’m so sorry and embarrassed.”

“No sweat man. Already deleted,” replies Crew.

“Thanks for being cool about it,” he concludes, adding: “Strange knowing a random person just saw my penis.”

Apparently all is forgiven, judging by Crew’s concluding message, using only emojis: