Father John Misty Drops ‘Wacky’ Music Video Starring Macaulay Culkin As A Crucified Kurt Cobain

Father John Misty’s music video for the single, “Total Entertainment Forever”, is gaining traction on social media for being “weird and wacky.”

After dropping the new album “Pure Comedy” on April 7, fans have been waiting for a new video to go along with the album’s fourth single.

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But critics are calling the video’s storyline downright strange.

First, Macaulay Culkin as Kurt Cobain is stuck in a video game which is being played by a viagra-popping George Washington.

Then Ronald McDonald (played by lead singer Misty) comes by to crucify Culkin/Cobain, alongside Jon Arbuckle from “Garfield” and Bill Clinton.

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Here’s a sampling of the reaction to the odd video:



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