Heineken Releases The Perfect Cure Following Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad

Just weeks after Pepsi released – and then pulled – a controversial protest ad starring Kendall Jenner, Heineken drops a countermeasure.

The ad, called “Worlds Apart: An Experiment”, brings together six people with different views on various political topics to test their theory that there is “more that unites us than divides us.”

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Participants are then split into pairs, each matched with a person with opposing opinions. Like one man, who says transgender people are “not right” and “very wrong,” is paired with a transgender woman. And two men who have opposite opinions on climate change team up.

Not knowing each other’s pasts, the groups of two work together and get to know one another, until the end when they discover, through a short video by the beer giant, their partner’s real thoughts. The pairs then get to decide to leave or sit down and crack open a cold one.

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The result is rather amazing.

Stars on Twitter are raving about the new ad:

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