Rumer Willis Shows Off Singing Voice On ‘Empire’

On Wednesday’s episode of “Empire”, guest star Rumer Willis wowed viewers with her vocal talent.

Willis plays Tory Ash on the musical drama, a troubled Amy Winehouse-like musician who has had a series of unfortunate public appearances. Recovering from a heroin addiction, she’s looking to become a star once again.

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“Empire” fans were so in love with her voice, Twitter began asking Willis to put out a debut album:

“I was on tour, and I had a layover day in New York. My agents had reached out to me and said, ‘Hey, there’s this role on Empire to do this Amy Winehouse-type rock star,'” Willis revealed to The Hollywood Reporter about landing the role. “I was like, ‘I don’t need to see anything else. I’m going in. I don’t care if I’m tired'” she said.

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As Tory Ash, Willis is finally bringing her two passions, singing and acting, together: “Being able to do music as well, and the way they do music is such a dynamic, classy way, so I was really excited.”
Willis got the role of the hit series because of one of the show’s stars, Jussie Smollet came across a video of Willis covering Winehouse and brought it to the producers. “Rumer brings something so special to the character. She’s so effortless, she’s not making a caricature of what it is,” Smollett said.
Watch Willis’ performance of “Crazy Crazy 4 U” above.




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