Another Houseguest Is Evicted from ‘Big Brother Canada’

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched tonight’s eviction episode of “Big Brother Canada”, then STOP READING NOW! Spoilers lie ahead….
















The BBCAN Odyssey says goodbye to yet another veteran as Bruno is evicted in a 5-1 vote over Karen. Bruno’s exit marks the sixth returning houseguest to be eliminated this season leaving only Kevin and Ika in a sea of newbie players.

Tonight’s episode picks up after last night’s cliffhanger, with William’s decision over whether or not to use his Secret Power of Veto. As the siren sounds and the living room flashes with an ominous red glow, the houseguests gather in a frenzied panic while Head of Household Demetres is called to the Diary Room.

Demetres is instructed to read out a note in front of the group. He informs them that a Secret POV has been used on Kevin, saving the Season 3 vet and forcing “the Greek” to name a replacement nominee. With little time to think it over, Demetres decides to put Karen on the block next to Bruno, believing she’ll be the best pawn.

After a week of begging and canoodling, Kevin’s emotional manipulation of William eventually pays off. While William chooses not to use the regular POV, being able to play the other one in secret allows him to save his so-called friend without feeling the wrath of Queen Ika.

It’s unclear at times just who is playing who in the Kevin/William relationship, but at this point, William has done more for Kevin’s game than vice versa. And when Kevin tells William he doesn’t consider them a “showmance,” William seems genuinely hurt and confused.

Once the Veto Ceremony is over, paranoia runs rampant throughout the house, with fingers pointing in all directions. Kevin is the main suspect of being the Secret Veto holder, although Jackie and William are also under suspicion. “This house is lit!” Ika declares as she slaps a watermelon.

But this being the BBCAN house, it doesn’t take long for the truth to leak out. William tells Kevin that he was responsible for saving him, but makes him promise not to share that info. Kevin agrees, saying that he’ll even take the rap for it. However, Kevin soon let’s his “ride or die” Bruno in on the secret, which is further proof that Kevin is only using William to benefit his own game.

With Ika’s primary target now off the block, it all but seals Bruno’s fate. His only option is hoping that Karen will blow up and annoy everyone so much that they want to get rid of her simply for peace of mind.

It doesn’t take much to set Karen off; once her butt hits the block she believes the entire thing was a conspiracy to backdoor her. She rages at Demetres and Kevin and anyone else in earshot. Dillon tries to calm her down but telling Karen to chill out is like asking Ika to pet a red-eyed bunny – it’s not gonna happen!

Despite Karen’s meltdown, Bruno is considered a much bigger physical and social threat and he only receives Kevin’s vote in his favor. Bruno tells host Arisa Cox that he wishes the best for Kevin and hopes he can work with Dillon and Karen going forward. He also gives credit to everyone that got him out, saying, “There are so many good players this season.”

Bruno somehow let the game slip away from him, perhaps due to spending most of the season as a passive player who relied too heavily on the comfort of his majority alliance. Helping take out three fellow veterans early in the game created an environment where the newbies could play the middle while the returnees went to war. Bruno sat back and watched as Ika worked her way into the newbie camp, leaving him vulnerable and severely lacking in allies.

Speaking of veterans that ruined their games, we get to check in with Neda and Sindy in the jury house. Neda greets Sindy’s arrival with a glass of wine and a whole lot of laughter, but even though Sindy was the one responsible for taking her out, Neda is generally welcoming and accepting. Neda says it’s her goal to make sure there are no bitter jurors this season.

As the next HOH competition gets underway, Arisa announces to the audience that next week will be a TRIPLE EVICTION, which is sure to send a shiver down Kevin’s spine. With the game edging ever closer to the finish, expect the next seven days to be highly chaotic.

The Star Chart:

Take a look at which houseguests are burning bright and which are fading out…


Dre – she deserves a lot of credit for how well she’s played many of these houseguests. She’s even managed to snow the Ice Queen Ika. Dre is deadset on removing each one of the veterans and making this a newbie only game. Judging by previous editions of Big Brother US, the newbies tend to become infatuated with the returnees, and any initial desire to take them out is soon washed away. Dre has reversed that trope, and so far nobody has caught on to just how good she is. The risk for her is whether she becomes the biggest target once all the vets are gone.


Karen – it’s a shame to put Karen here because she is one of the most entertaining characters in the house. However, her game is all over the place and even if she does make it to the Final 2, it seems near impossible that a jury will ever reward her strategy. Unless she’s up against Jackie, maybe, that’s the only way Karen has a shot.

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