Maggie Grace appeared on Conan last night and revealed that her Taken 3 co-star Liam Neeson used his “particular set of skills”; to make a hilarious (and kind of terrifying) prank call to her ex.

Describing Liam as “the greatest movie dad any girl could ask for,”; Maggie tells Conan that he’s not only protective of Maggie on screen, but “in real life, too.”;

When Liam learned that a guy had broken up with his movie daughter, he took it upon himself to set her ex straight with a phone call from his Taken character, Brian Mills — which she played for Conan.

“You’ve made two mistakes,”; says in-character Liam. “Your first mistake was dating out of your league. Your second mistake — well, let’s just say any more mistakes and I’ll break your other arm… Slowly.”;

And Liam is just getting warmed up. Watch: