Emma Watson Once Confused Jimmy Fallon For Jimmy Kimmel

Emma Watson kicked off her “The Tonight Show” appearance by bringing up one of her most embarrassing late-night moments ever.

Rarely ever do we spot the British actress make such a glaring mistake, but the star was keen on coming clean Thursday night.

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Watson’s very first appearance on Jimmy Fallon began with a mortifying moment that saw her gush over one of his famous skits. “I love that Halloween candy thing that you do,” she once told Fallon before taking a hint from the awkward silence, and realizing that she had mistaken him for Jimmy Kimmel.

“And there was just silence,” she recalled. “And I died inside.”

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Had it made it to air, the moment would have surely gone viral online, but the ever-gracious host allowed Watson the chance to re-tape her entrance. “You could tell that I was dying inside and you were like, ‘It’s okay, honey. If you want to go out and start again, we can do it again,’” she explained.

Watch Watson relive the “trauma” above.

Thankfully, the rest of her late-night appearance, in which she promoted her latest film “The Circle”, went off without a hitch! Catch Watson, and her co-star Tom Hanks, talk about their exciting, new drama below.



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