HBO has given the fans of “Veep” a look into an alternate reality. In a new video, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tony Hale swap their characters on the hit comedy to see what the other role is like.

Dreyfus, of course, plays Selina Meyer on the series, which has earned her five consecutive Emmys since the show began.

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Hale, who plays her trusty sidekick Gary, has won two Emmys. So, if anyone is qualified to take on their respective roles, it’s the two of them.

The two take part in “Flip the Script” in which they switch roles and act out a scene from season 4 of the show. From the episode, “Storm of Pancakes”, Selina and Gary talk about the sexual tension happening between Selena and another character.

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It’s as hilarious as you would expect from these two. Watch the clip above.