Katy Perry Makes ‘The World’s Best Cherry Pie’ Featuring Her New Song ‘Bon Appetit’

Katy Perry is bringing her new track to life by making “the world’s best cherry pie.”

In collaboration with Buzzfeed‘s popular Tasty channel, the 32-year-old pop star and self-dubbed “foodie” dresses in a full cherry-inspired ensemble as she explains the significance of the cherry pie and the story behind her new single, “Bon Appetit.”

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“I think the cherry pie in pop culture has been so many different things,” Perry explains. “It’s been perverted, and it’s been made into something sweet.” She adds, “The cherry, in general, can go so many different ways. It can be cute. It can be sexy. It can be a euphemism. It could be just a cherry.”

“Cherries to me mean a little sexy, which is kind of interesting because when I started, I had a song called, ‘I Kissed A Girl,’ and in the line it says, ‘The taste of your cherry chapstick,’ so I guess we’ve gone from cherry chapstick to cherry pie,” the singer says. “It’s always been a theme.”

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Speaking of her new song featuring Atlanta’s Migos, which dropped to fans just after midnight on Friday, Perry explains, “It’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s probably the sexier side that I’ve ever shown.” Leading up to the release of her track, Perry shared the recipe to her most-loved cherry pie on Twitter. Check it out below.

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