Martin Short, Jimmy Fallon Play Dress Up As Jiminy Glick, Donald Trump

An interview for the ages occurred on “The Tonight Show” when Jiminy Glick (Martin Short) interviewed Donald Trump (Jimmy Fallon).

Glick is one of Short’s most well-known alter-egos, a laughably ignorant Hollywood interviewer. The character has been portrayed on “Primetime Glick”, “Maya & Marty” and even on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”.

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Glick has interviewed celebrities like Drake, Kevin Hart and Larry David in the past — but he just snagged his most high-profile guest to date. The character portrayed by Short sat down with Fallon’s interpretation of U.S. President Trump for a chat about the President’s first 100 days in office.

The unique interviewer wasn’t thrilled with a “bankrupt casino owner” running roughshod over America. “You’re such a handsome man. You look like a Dennis The Menace made a bunch of bad life choices,” Glick told Trump.

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“It’s now been 100 days since you’ve seen Melania. Where is she?” he asked. “If I ever see Melania again, I’ll ask her,” the faux-Trump replied. Glick teased “I want to talk to you in 100 days from now, after the impeachment,” as the interview wrapped up.

Fun fact, Glick interviewed the real Jimmy Fallon back in 2014.



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