Barbra Streisand Calls For More Women To Direct Movies

Barbra Streisand is waging war against the long, drawn out fight for gender equality in Hollywood.

Streisand, 75, was greeted with a standing ovation when she stepped foot on the Tribeca Festival Q&A stage. The 43-time Grammy-nominee may be best known for her music, but the actress and filmmaker has Academy Awards to her credit too.

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The “Funny Girl” actress loved working on the 1969 film that snagged her an Oscar, but she quickly became privy to the pitfalls of entertainment. “I loved every minute of working on that movie,” she said. “But I remember learning how to dislike the press.”

“Because every time I had a suggestion, it was put in the paper as if we were fighting or something. I always had opinions and opinions in the ’60s were not popular for women.”

Tackling sexism in Hollywood head on, Streisand reflected on the 1991 film she directed “The Prince of Tides”. When interviewer, and fellow director, Robert Rodriguez asked about the film missing out on a Best Director nomination, Streisand called it “a f**king snub.”

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“There was a lot of older directors who didn’t want to see a woman director, I don’t think,” she continued. “And then there’s the whole notion of, I don’t know how many women wanted to see a movie with a woman director. Then you get into competition and a bit of jealousy.”

But the multi-talented entertainer doesn’t believe the problem only exists in the past. “Not enough women are directing now. I love when I see a woman’s name on a film. Then I pray that it’s good.”



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