Twitter Had A Lot Of Thoughts About Helen Lasichanh’s Met Gala Look

The Met Gala isn’t called the “fashion Olympics” for nothing. Along with great fashion and fundraising for the Metropolitan Museum of Art usually comes a hilarious uproar about one (or more looks) from the Twittersphere.

This year, it was co-chair Pharrell Williams’ wife Helen Lasichanh, whose ode to the theme of the evening, avant-garde designer Rei Kawakubo, was “mistaken” for myriad pop culture references.

Inspired by the designer’s radical, outrageous Comme des Garcons looks, Lasichanh hit the steps in a voluminous, bright red look.  The full-body suit with pillowy design was applauded by fashion bloggers.  More conceptual than practical (like say, allowing the use of your arms for the evening) Lasichanh’s look was pulled straight from last year’s runway.

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And the comparisons don’t stop there. Twitter users were quick to jump in with other inspirations that Helen’s look could have taken from, including a well-known TV star.

An action hero from the big screen.

And some other familiar faces from pop culture.

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What, you mean these guys?

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Rei Kawakubo Art Of The In-Between: The 2017 Met Gala



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