Former Teammates Derek Jeter And Alex Rodriguez Endure The Most Awkward Interview

Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez came together for an interview for CNBC with Bob Pisani and things got really awkward between them and the host.

“So, are you guys friends now?” Pisani kicked off the interview. The two former New York Yankees players have had a turbulent friendship over the years, but that’s apparently behind them.

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Unfortunately for Pisani, neither were willing to spill the salacious details he may have been looking for in landing an interview with the pair. They both ignored his question but he continued to indulge. “The press made a little thing about the back and forth between you. Was that real or serious ever?” he asked.

Well, Jeter wasn’t having any of it and he shut him down quickly. “You’re bringing up stories from about 20 years ago,” Jeter denounced the question. “Is this the History Channel?” Rodriguez said.

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Jeter and Rodriguez are representing their charities for BTIG Charity Day. Rodriguez is raising money for the Boys and Girls Club and Jeter is the face of his very own Turn Two Foundation. None of that seemed important to Pisani who then asked Rodriguez about his date night with Jennifer Lopez at the Met Gala on Monday.

“What channel is this?” Jeter asked. “Like I said, we’re here for the charity event today and we’re not here to talk about anything else.”

Watch all of the awkwardness above.

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