Jessica Biel On Opening Her Kid-Friendly LA Restaurant Au Fudge: ‘This Is A Tough Business’

Jessica Biel is opening up about the ups and downs of launching her West Hollywood eatery for families, Au Fudge, one year after the restaurant opened its doors.

Taking inside the space, which launched in Los Angeles in March 2016 as a stylish escape for parents to unwind while their children play, the 35-year-old actress and mother admits, “Wow, this is a tough business. And this one particularly, because we have almost three different businesses under one roof, but it’s working out.”

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Touring the restaurant, which houses an indoor tree house and an array of delicious dishes and treats, Biel explains, “Au Fudge was born out of the minds of my partners who had kids before I did. They were tired of not having a place to go with their families where it was both fun for the kids and also fun for them.”

She explains, “You can come in and check your kid in with our Au Fudge Au Pairs and then go back to the dining room, the marketplace, the patio, the bar. Wherever you see fit to enjoy some alone time.” Speaking about one of her favourite dishes, Biel says, “I had a lot to do with, or a lot of input on, the salads. My go-to order would be the vegan Caesar.”

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Speaking about one of her favourite memories in the space, Biel remembers the time her husband Justin Timberlake threw her a surprise birthday party. “I walked into this wild party with all my friends, and a DJ, and great food,” Biel recalls. “It was fantastic. It was seeing the restaurant in action, functioning. It was exciting to see, like, ‘Oh, maybe, maybe this is actually going to work.'”

While Biel admits that it’s been challenging for the restaurant to “be everything for everybody,” she asserts that her and her co-founders are “focusing on what we do best.” She says, “People are enjoying it, kids are loving it, and families are happy, and that’s what we care about.”

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