Kelly Rowland Opens Up About Her Changing Mom Body, Getting ‘Mojo’ Back

Two-and-a-half years after giving birth to her son, Kelly Rowland gets candid about her changing body and getting her “mojo” back as a new mom in her new parenting book.

The “Destiny’s Child” singer sat down with ET Canada’s Matte Babel in Los Angeles to dish all about motherhood.

In her new book, Whoa Baby: A Guide For New Moms Who Feel Overwhelmed And Freaked Out And Wonder What The Bleep Just Happened, Rowland shares some advice for other new moms that she wishes she had learned before giving birth.

“The number one thing I wish I knew about motherhood beforehand would probably be how much my body would change physically,” she says, laughing. “You’re like, ‘Wow! I didn’t know that would look like that.'”

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The “Survivor” singer and manager husband Tim Witherspoon welcomed their son, Titan Jewell in November 2014.

Now, the singer says she’s just now getting her mojo back after moving from music to mom life, telling ET Canada a return to the bedroom didn’t come quickly for her. Rowland says her sex drive “disappeared” for a while after giving birth.

“I talked to some moms who were like, ‘Oh no, I was ready to go’ and I was just like, ‘Girl, you’re not supposed to have sex for six weeks. I can wait. I’m cool,” she says, adding that Witherspoon was nervous when it came time for post-partum romance.

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“He was definitely nervous just because everything is so fragile there so you have to be careful,” she laughs.

Now that her book is here, Rowland has a busy schedule ahead of her. Next, she’ll return to the studio to finish a new album and serve as a judge on “The Voice Australia”.

Rowland reveals she’s turned to her famous friends, Beyonce and Ciara, for motherhood advice.

“They know the next phase,” says Rowland. “Here I am just at two-and-a-half, and, by the way, it’s real business! My son is full-throttle. He’s so rough.”

“I’ll call them because they know what’s a head and they just prepare me.”




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