Ellen DeGeneres Pulls Scary Prank On ‘Today’ Host Matt Lauer

It seems as if every time Matt Lauer drops by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” he falls victim to one of host Ellen DeGeneres’ pranks, and Thursday’s appearance on the daytime talk show is no different.

After lulling the veteran “Today” host into a false sense of security during a seemingly typical interview, DeGeneres springs the surprise on him when one of her staffers — dressed as his co-host Savannah Guthrie, no less — bursts out of the desk situated between them (see the above video).

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Meanwhile, Lauer and DeGeneres also discuss their respective 20th anniversaries (20 years on “Today” for him and 20 years since Ellen’s TV character came out on her sitcom), as well as Lauer’s feelings on President Trump waging a war against the media.

Then, Lauer shows off his political knowledge when he faces off in a presidential trivia challenge against youngster Macey Hensley.

For old time’s sake, check out this refresher on the prank war that’s unfolded between Lauer and DeGeneres over the years:

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