Barack Obama’s Presidential Library Will Feature A Recording Studio

Former U.S. president Barack Obama unveiled plans for his future presidential centre on Wednesday.

The Chicago Tribune published the plans for the Obama Presidential Centre, which will include a recording studio.

The three-building campus in Chicago’s Jackson Park will also include a library, museum, auditorium and a public garden.

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According to Obama’s website, it will be “a living, working center — an ongoing project where we will shape, together, what it means to be a good citizen in the 21st century.” The centre is expected to create around 200-300 jobs.

According to a CNN report, Obama said that the studio would be a place where he “can invite Chance [the Rapper] or Bruce Springsteen, depending on your taste, to come here and talk about how you can record music that has social commentary and meaning.”

“It’s not just a building. It’s not just a park. Hopefully it’s a hub where all of us can see a brighter future for the South Side… [it’ll] be a working center for civic engagement and a place to inspire people and communities to create change,” Obama said, speaking about the centre itself.

Obama has spoken publicly about his love for music. He once joked that he was “waiting for my job at Spotify” after releasing his summer music playlist in 2016.

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He has also been very vocal about his admiration for Kendrick Lamar. In a YouTube-hosted Q&A, vlogger Adande Thorne asked him who would win in a rap battle between Lamar and Drake.

“Got to go with Kendrick,” Obama said without hesitation, before continuing, “I think Drake is an outstanding entertainer, but Kendrick — his lyrics, his last album was outstanding. Best album, I think of last year.” Watch the clip below shortly after the 27:00 mark.



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