A Triple Eviction Throws ‘Big Brother Canada’ Into Chaos

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched tonight’s triple eviction episode of “Big Brother Canada”, then STOP READING NOW! Spoilers lie ahead….















After three consecutive weeks of veteran vote-offs, tonight’s triple eviction is a newbie slaughter, as Jackie, Dre, and William are sent hurtling out of the BBCAN Odyssey and into the jury house.

The night begins with Jackie’s elimination. Kevin, who lost his closest ally Bruno last week, became Head of Household and immediately sought revenge by nominating Ika and Demetres. However, when Demetres pulled out another comp win, he vetoed himself from the block, forcing Kevin to nominate professional pawn, Jackie.

Big Brother Canada 5
Big Brother Canada 5

With Jackie now on the block, “Demika” are provided a slither of hope. The power couple is given the opportunity to work their magic and flip the votes. Ika believes she has Demetres and Dre’s votes locked in and therefore would only need one more to assure her safety. She hopes that final vote will come from William, but he’s non-committal in his answer.

Fortunately for Ika, the house as a whole seems undecided, even resorting to spoof-phonecalls to make their decision. It’s surprising given that “Demika” are the most dominant force in the game, you’d expect the rest of the houseguests to jump at the chance to split the pair up. But after eight weeks in the BBCAN house, logical thinking can sometimes fall by the wayside. Even Kevin, who put Ika on the block, reconsiders his decision, thinking that keeping Ika in the game as a shield could benefit him.

In the end, Jackie is evicted 4-1, with only Dre voting against Ika. “Do me one favor, give me one week in jury Ika-free, then get that b***h out,” Jackie shouts from atop the stairs. But it’s Ika’s words which leave the lasting impact: “When you take a shot at the baddest b***h in this house, you’d better make sure you hit.” Ika’s transformation into the Omar Little of ‘Big Brother Canada’ is complete.

After Jackie’s eviction, Arisa Cox drops the triple eviction bombshell on the unsuspecting houseguests. Kevin turns white – his Season 3 game flashing before his eyes. Things go from bad to worse for Kevin when Demetres wins the HOH competition. Kevin pleads to Demetres not to put him up, promising that he’ll stay loyal to him and Ika until the Final Three. But Kevin’s words fall on deaf ears, and he’s thrown up on the block alongside Dre and William. Is this going to be deja vu for the Season 3 vet?

Screen Grab
Screen Grab

Kevin averts disaster when he wins an intense Veto competition, saving himself and the embarrassment of being a two-time triple eviction victim. He tells Karen: “We control the votes, f**k Ika and Demetres, they made a final three with me yesterday.” Meanwhile, “Demika” hurriedly discuss renom plans, unsure of where the votes will fall. Basically, it’s utter chaos.

With very few options remaining, Demetres nominates Dillon as Kevin’s replacement. Unlike a regular eviction, the houseguests must vote for the one person they want to SAVE, and the two nominees with the least amount of votes will be evicted. Ika, Kevin, and Karen all vote in Dillon’s favor, removing the “French Connection” alliance in one fell swoop.

Big Brother Canada 5
Big Brother Canada 5

It’s a sudden and unfortunate ending for Dre and William, both of whom played relatively strong games throughout the season. Dre especially was one of the most promising newbies. However, her fixation on systematically eliminating the veterans began to cloud her judgment. Also, her relationship with Ika became struggled and confusing, leading to a week of missteps that saw her exposed and ultimately, evicted. When asked about Ika in her eviction interview, Dre tells Arisa: “Ika’s always gonna be my girl, but in the game, I felt like some of her moves, it wasn’t right.”

William, on the other hand, stuck his neck out for Kevin time and time again this season, even using the Secret Veto on him last week. But Kevin was always using William for his own ends, and that was proven emphatically here when he didn’t even throw a sympathy vote to his on/off “showmance” partner. Despite the betrayal, William tells Arisa he’s still pulling for Kevin to win.

Now we’re down to the Final Five: Ika, Demetres, Kevin, Karen, and Dillon. Three newbies and two veterans. Each player has had their ups and downs over the course of the season and utilized different methods of survival to get where they’re at. It should be an exciting race to the finish.

Other Notes

  • Bruno arrived in the jury house and was met with a bitter Sindy who hadn’t forgiven him for voting against her. There was some back and forth bickering as Sindy threw the blame on Bruno for Neda going home – not quite sure how she worked that one out. Surprisingly, Neda has taken the role of peacemaker in the jury house and eventually managed to settle things down.
  • Demetres got to take his Toyota test drive with a jury member of his choice. He picked Sindy and used the opportunity to sell his game to someone who will be ultimately deciding the winner. Sindy lets him know that the jury currently perceives him as “Ika’s lapdog” and that he needs to do something that they could tell is his own move and not Ika’s.

The Star Chart:

Take a look at which houseguests are burning bright and which are fading out…


Kevin – it’s kind of hard to judge after such a manic episode, but by hook or crook, Kevin has managed to live another day. Not only that, but he seems to have heeded Bruno’s parting advice and worked on his relationships with Karen and Dillon. With Ika and Demetres the clear targets in the house, Kevin could possibly scrape through another week, and then all bets are off.


Ika/Demetres – it feels wrong to put them here after they miraculously survived tonight’s triple eviction. But their threat level is simply too high, and they’re running out of hiding spaces. It would require winning every comp from here on out for them to both make the Final Two, and while that shouldn’t be ruled out, it’s going to be an uphill battle.

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