Kristen Bell Grants Promposal Of A Lifetime On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Kristen Bell’s turn as host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” simply wouldn’t be complete without a nod to her “Frozen” character, Anna.

While filling in for Kimmel on Thursday night, Bell decided to make one lucky high school student’s dream come true by allowing him to deliver his promposal on-air, and sweetening the offer with a custom “Frozen”-inspired song.

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Disguising the promposal as a game of “The Fast and the Frozen”, Bell had an unsuspecting Sarah search for her prince, who was disguised as “Frozen”’s Kristoff, on the streets of Hollywood. His true identity would soon be revealed as she dragged him back to the studio for the surprise of a lifetime.

“Sarah, there’s something I wanted to ask you but I didn’t know the words, so Kristen Bell is going to help me,” high school student Michal told Sarah before Bell began singing.

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“Do you want to be his prom date, and go with Michal to the prom?” Bell sang. “He knows you’re just school buddies, but… he thinks that you’re really cute. He’s asking you to be his prom date in front of millions of people.”

Needless to say, Sarah quickly accepted the offer and had the audience cheering the youngsters on.

Watch the moment of young love above.



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