Carly Simon Plays Never-Before-Heard Verse Of ‘You’re So Vain’

Even after many decades of wondering who the song is about, Carly Simon gave us a another “lost verse” of “You’re So Vain” to help with one of music’s biggest mysteries.

In an interview with the BBC, Simon premiered the new lyrics she had originally written as part of the song, but ultimately left them out. The famous single became the ’70s classic we all know and love.

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“This is a verse that I haven’t ever sung,” Simon told the BBC. “I wrote it a while ago on a pad, but it never made it into the song.”

“A friend of yours revealed to me that you’d loved me all the time / Kept it secret from your wives / You believed it was no crime,” Simon sang the newfound lyrics.

“You called me once to ask me things / I couldn’t quite divine / Maybe that’s why I have tried to dismiss you, tried to dismiss you / And you’re so vain.”

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The lyrics were previously been printed in Simon’s 2015 memoir, but she had never actually sung the verse before.

You can listen to Simon perform the lost lyrics here.

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