Michael Fassbender Does The Worm For Jessica Chastain

Michael Fassbender has some serious dance moves and he is not afraid to share them.

The “Alien: Covenant” actor joined Jessica Chastain, Diane Keaton and Kevin Bacon on a recent installment of “The Graham Norton Show”. Fassbender, 40, described to Norton how he imagined his robot character wrapping things up at the end of 2012’s “Prometheus”.

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“I wanted David dancing on sort of the disco deck of the ship towards the end when the credits were rolling,” he shared. “I thought it might funny to do a ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ sort of ending for the character. But Ridley didn’t go for it.”

That is when Fassbender revealed his hidden talent. “I’ve done the robot probably back in 1987 when I was going through the break dance phase,” he confessed.

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This revelation compelled fellow actor Chastain to ask Fassbender to show off his moves. What followed was an impressive 180 degree leap into a worm that would put a baby Xenomorph to shame!

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