Diane Keaton Loves Locking Lips With Co-Stars, Smooches Jessica Chastain, Kevin Bacon: ‘There’s Nothing Better Than Kissing A Man In A Movie’

For Diane Keaton, one of acting’s biggest perks is on-screen love scenes.

“It’s the best,” the actress tells “The Graham Norton Show”. “Quite frankly, it doesn’t get better than on-screen romance because frankly, think of all the men you get to kiss and you don’t pay the price.”

Keaton joined host Graham Norton, Jessica Chastain and Kevin Bacon on the show on Friday where she couldn’t stop talking about kissing co-stars.

“It’s just the greatest. I mean, there’s nothing better than kissing a man in the movie,” the 71-year old actress claims. Keaton has famously locked lips on and off the screen with co-stars Warren Beatty, Al Pacino, Michael Douglas, Jack Nicholson and Woody Allen.

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“People say that’ s difficult, but they’re wrong,” she jokes while fellow guest Chastain appears unconvinced.

“It depends on the man,” “The Zookeeper’s Wife” star says before Keaton jumps from the couch to lock lips with host Norton.

“Should I kiss Kevin?” she asks as Bacon rises from the couch. “Are you ready Kevin?” she says as Bacon saunters over and gives her a hug before she plants a kiss on his lips, prompting the actor to give an enthusiastic thumbs up.

“I want to kiss Jessica too,” says Keaton as Chastain puckers up. “Look at that girl! First of all, the nose is great. We’re gonna touch that sweet nose,” she says as Chastain fans herself. “And then I’m gonna give her a kiss like she’s my dear daughter.”

“Oh my God what is happening?!” Chastain exclaims as Keaton grabs a hold of her face.

“Can I just say ‘bucket list?'” Bacon adds.

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The trio were eventually joined by “Alien: Covenant” star Michael Fassbender and Keaton couldn’t help but try out her kissing technique on the actor, leaving Bacon feeling like his kiss had been topped.

“You know I had this idea that Diane Keaton was going to go to bed tonight thinking, ‘The last man I kissed today was Kevin Bacon,’ but no – she’s clearly traded up!” he joked following her Fassbender smooch.

Keaton wasn’t the only one to show off special skills on the episode.

Fassbender wowed Norton and his fellow guests with his impressive breakdancing skills, proving he can even get down while wearing a suit and tie.




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