Conrad Hilton Pleads Not Guilty To Disobeying Restraining Order After Undergoing Psychiatric Treatment

Paris Hilton’s little brother, Conrad Hilton, pleaded guilty on Thursday after violating an ex-girlfriend’s restraining order. Hilton was arrested on May 6 after allegedly stealing a car belonging to the father of his ex.

Hilton was picked up by police shortly before 5 a.m. in early May at a home in the Hollywood Hills, according to the Associated PressThe 23-year-old was snagged in a Bentley owned by his ex-girlfriend’s father.

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On Thursday, Hilton appeared at his arraignment in court which was originally postponed due to the hotel heir’s bizarre behaviour. Hilton’s attorney, the famed Robert Shapiro, spoke on his behalf, telling the judge his client had undergone treatment at a psychiatric clinic, per court order after several outbursts in a Los Angeles court.

Last month, Hilton’s hearing was delayed after he showed up in court in a jail smock meant to prevent self-harm and made several bizarre outbursts including mouthing the words “f*** you” and “I hate you” to his parents, Rick and Kathy Hilton and his brother Barron.

The judge ordered Hilton released on $600,000 bail and required him to be treated at a psychiatric clinic until today’s court date. He appeared calm in court next to Shapiro, wearing a navy suit and velvet shoes, according to E! News. The judge scheduled Hilton’s next hearing for August.

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This isn’t the first time Hilton has been in trouble with the law.

Just two years ago, Hilton was arrested two years ago inside his ex-girlfriend’s home.

He also received probation for threatening British Airways flight attendants and spent two months in jail last year for violating that probation by using cocaine and other drugs.

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