Thomas Rhett Fans Help Make Young Girl’s Wish Come True At Edmonton Concert

Fans attending country star Thomas Rhett’s concert helped bring one his songs to life in Edmonton on Saturday.

It happened when fellow concert goers noticed a young girl near the stage holding a sign that read “make me the star of the show,” a play on the musician’s hit song “Star of the show.”

“As soon as we arrived at the show, we noticed a little girl sitting next to us,” Jamie Pucci explained. “We noticed she had cancer, so as soon as the concert started, I began spreading the word to people around us and my girlfriend started telling the people around her that we should get Thomas Rhett’s attention.”

The idea was a success. A few songs into the concert, Rhett sang the popular tune and those around her shone their cellphones on the girl to get Rhett’s attention.

“We ended up bringing her to the front of the stage on top of another man’s shoulders and Thomas Rhett ended up pulling her up on stage,” Pucci said.

Fans describe the girl as about 12 years old and say it all happened within the first five minutes of the show.

Once on stage, she got a hug and took several photos with Rhett.

Pucci said he was not able to get the girl’s name but was happy to have played a part in making her dream come true.

“It was really cool! We did the right thing — we changed something for this girl.”



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