Colin Farrell Makes Ellen DeGeneres Laugh With Hilarious ‘Retro Bush’ Story

Colin Farrell stops by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Monday and has a very funny story for the host that brings her to near tears.

DeGeneres makes him play a game of “Celebrity Confessions” in which her guests have to tell a very awkward story. Depending on how good of a story it is, she’ll donate a certain amount of money to their charity of choice.

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Farrell recounts a particularly awkward experience during the filming of a movie. It had a sex scene in it and he was nervous, so he went up the director and flashed him after asking if his body hair was too much. “I had something called retro bush …” Farrell tells the host.

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“I went into my trailer, I got a bin, and I put it there,” he says. After shaving his body he reveals, “I looked down and I had a little landing strip, a lovely, lovely little landing strip,” he tells the host.

Watch the interview above to find out just how much the host donates to Farrell’s charity.

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