Con Man Arrested For Posing As Adele’s Manager To Nab Concert Tickets From Kendrick Lamar’s Manager

A notorious con man is back behind bars after trying to scam free tickets to a Miami music festival by posing as Adele’s manager.

As The Miami Herald reports, longtime con artist Justin Jackson was arrested after claiming to be Jonathan Dickens, manager of the British superstar. According to the newspaper, Jackson reached out to Kendrick Lamar’s manager, who immediately felt that something wasn’t right when asked to provide complimentary tickets to Miami’s Rolling Loud festival.

Suspecting the person contacting him requesting tickets wasn’t legit, Lamar’s manager contacted police, who confirmed the email address of the fake Dickens had been used in previous scams.

“Miami-Dade cyber crimes detective Steven Kaufman, posing as a production manager, set up a sting, telling Jackson he could pick up the passes on Saturday at Bayfront Park, according to an arrest report,” states the Herald, adding that Jackson claimed to be Dickens’ assistant and that his boss was “working with his important clients all day.”

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When they attempted to pick up the tickets, Jackson, his wife and another woman were detained by police, with the arrest report noting that Jackson (arrested under the name Jayce Lii) and his wife “provided conflicting and untruthful information.”

Jackson has a long history of impersonating celebrities, and spent two years in prison after conning a New York boutique to loan him $2.4 million worth of jewelry back in 2007 by pretending to be a rep for Madonna; he was subsequently caught when the sold the jewelry to a Florida pawn shop.

Jackson once again got into trouble for impersonating celebrities in 2014 when he attempted to scam free stuff by allegedly posing as Oprah Winfrey’s nephew, various executives from her OWN network and even former U.S. President Barack Obama.

Jackson was sued by Obama aide Reggie Love and OWN exec Scott Garner, with a federal judge ordering Jackson and his wife to stop running their scams.

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