Michael Fassbender and Ridley Scott are ready to venture into new frontiers in “Alien: Covenant”, the latest installment of Scott’s long-running “Alien” franchise.

A direct sequel to 2012’s “Prometheus”, “Alien: Covenant” is another prequel in the beloved sci-fi series. For Fassbender, reprising his role as the android David was a no-brainer.

“I had such a good time on ‘Prometheus’ and really enjoyed playing David so it was great to be working with Ridley again and great to bring David back to life,” the 40-year-old actor tells ET Canada. In the upcoming film, Fassbender takes on not one, but two roles – that of David and his lookalike android twin Walter. The unique opportunity to play two characters had the actor playing favourites.

“I’d go out for a drink with David but I wouldn’t turn my back on him,” he laughs.

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In “Alien: Covenant”, the crew of a colony ship bound for a new planet discover an uncharted paradise that holds a terrifying threat, leaving the crew to scramble for a harrowing escape. Though the gore and fear factor promises to be high, Fassbender says audiences can expect a little humour as well.

“If you can make people laugh, then you can make them scared,” he says. “I think laughter is the most disarming of emotions. You can find yourself laughing then the next moment, crying.”

While the fear is real for the crew of the Covenant, Fassbender says he got reacquainted with his personal fear of sharks while filming in Sydney, Australia.

“Sharks,” the actor says, naming his fear. “I was surfing every day in Sydney, but I always knew I was afraid of them.”

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On top of the scares and the laughs, “Alien: Covenant” promises lots of action-packed stunts – something the actor was keen to get in on. Fassbender tells ET Canada’s Natasha Gargiulo he tries to do as many stunts as he’s allowed.

“As much as I can do. That’s always the case with any film. You don’t want to get injured because you don’t want to cost everyone money,” he explains. “You put yourself in the hands of the stunt team, get to know them really well, get to work with them and then they’ll say, ‘Michael’s good to do this’ or ‘Maybe you should sit this one out.'”

Fassbender would be totally happy if some of David’s stunts involved dancing. The actor reveals he wanted to have an alternative ending for David in “Prometheus”.

“I wanted to dance my way out. I wanted to be dancing on the disco deck of the ship as the credits were rolling,” he jokes.

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Maybe if he’s lucky, Scott will write a dance number for Fassbender into the next franchise feature, which the director says is currently being plotted out.

“We’ve got it already as a three-act intention. It’s already being written,” Scott says, teasing the next chapter in the “Alien” story. But how many roles will Fassbender play?

“We don’t know yet,” the director says before adding, “Just one. I’m not gonna let s*** out of the bag. I’m not gonna tell you!”