Rambunctious Fan Receives Smackdown From Lil Wayne’s Bodyguards After Trying To Jump Onstage During Show

If you ever find yourself at a Lil Wayne show and become so overcome by the music that you can’t help but jump onstage and join him… don’t.

That’s what an unfortunate (and probably aching) concertgoer learned the hard way during the rapper’s performance at Miami’s Rolling Loud festival this weekend when he jumped on stage and was quickly tackled by the rapper’s security personnel.

According to TMZ, the guy was quickly set upon by six of Lil Wayne’s bodyguards, who immediately took him down and hustled him offstage.

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In the midst of the melee, one of the bodyguards — wearing a blue shirt and dreadlocks — managed to get in a few shots with his “size 14.”

You can watch the short but violent moment right here:

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